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Friday, May 18, 2018

Feline Friday - 5/18/18

Momma's test was last night...

...I helped her study all week!!!

I'm such a good and thoughtful kittencat!

Thursday, May 17, 2018

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 5/17/18

Hello my fellow hexie-ologists and welcome to our monthly Hexie Linky Party!!

With my EMT written exam tonight and some other deadlines and meetings in the past couple of weeks I haven't made any progress on Aslan. I guess no progress isn't really correct because I have been plodding along ... it's just that there are only 3 pieces left to baste and or attach and I'm positively dying to get him done. Tomorrow! I promise myself!!

And what's on deck when Aslan is done? Well the peacock of course!!!
Shall we call him Percy Peacock? Does anyone have a better name suggestion?

I forgot to put the gold fabric in for the feather centers.

My friend Lisa is making the peacock as well so she picked up the fabrics and we split them.
Gotta LOVE these brights!

Rumor is ... Violet Craft is releasing "something" at Spring Market this weekend and I'm hoping for another EPP pattern. Her facebook page says that 4 patterns will be revealed and at least one appears to be EPP!!! Woo Hoo!!

And now it's your turn... What EPP projects have you been working on? Remember, any paper shape is welcome as is any vintage project; meaning WIP, UFO or dream. We all need the inspiration!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #52 - 5/16/18

Yes, my friends, this is the long awaited 52nd report! Where did the last year go? Didn't we just start this project last week?

This was the very final stitch!

75 - 67 - 55 - 55 - 66 - 75 - 59 F

And this is the final rosette!

In the beginning of this project I didn't record the actual temperatures so I used Weather Underground to look up the max temp for 5/17/17 when I started this project. It was literally a red letter day because it was 89F. That is quite the difference from our finishing 59F!

I had hoped to get the top into one piece for tomorrow's HeLP post but I just know that y'all will forgive me when I tell you that I am beginning to panic about tomorrow night's EMT written exam and my time is better spent studying than sewing. Instead I'll share an update on Aslan tomrrow.

As far as my next temperature quilt goes, I realized Saturday morning while driving to a shop hop that there was a bit of a glitch int he design. No need to explain all the details today - let's just say that I will be starting the next quilt on 6/1/18. I'll still be doing weather reports in the meantime where I'll be sharing the final steps of this quilt and explaining the new quilt.

I do hope you'll consider joining in the next weather quilt-along. I've even been approached about someone doing a non-EPP weather quilt. While this started as a hexie project I think the more the merrier in anyone's favorite medium would really be interesting and motivating. Please let me know if you need ideas for joining in, whether with hexies or any other type of project.

I've so enjoyed seeing the weather in different parts of the world: Vireya's was the opposite weather down under and Pam's was more similar than I expected in Japan while those here in the northeastern US/Canada were quite similar as well.

Something else to look to down the road is a showing of everyone's final quilt. Anyone is welcome to add their finished quilt to the weekly weather reports at any time but let's keep each other in the loop to do a "final" post someday soon.