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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #10

So clearly, if I was on vacation last week and pre-posted to the blog, I had no idea what the weather would have been for last week's report. The weather was calling for orange (70s), hence last week's post said orange but that wasn't absolutely the case. I wish those weather peeps would get their act in gear...

Week #9
The following week had a lot of orange, plus a couple outliers. Yesterday topping out at 60 was a big surprise...that's mountain weather, not WNY in late July weather.

Week #10
I should be able to get caught up on appliqueing these to backgrounds on Friday.

These are the yellow/orange "cogs" that I stitched while on vacation.
I love how the different fabrics make the same pattern look so different.
I've got one more in progress and that gives me a total of 26 or 27 yellow/orange rosettes.
 I think that's about half what I need for the final quilt.

I've probably got another 10 rosettes kitted already!

And here are all the blue rosettes.
No idea how many of these I have completed...

That's probably all I'll do on the pieced hexies for a while since now I need to get back to working on something "new" for a pending trunk show this fall.

Uhhhh...Zorro....Love you, Monkey, but you're in the way....

Maybe you recognize this from the pieces I showed during the last HeLP?

This is probably about as tall as it will get (it's for the doll cat bed), but I need a lot more width.

And last but not least, my quilting purchases from vacation...

I already owned the half-nekkid woodsman fabric but it has "vintage" colors that are hard to match so I've been searching for fabrics for a year, picking up FQs here and there while trying to decide on a design. This year I first found the camping phrase fabric on the right - that will become part of the backing. Then I found the red check which perfectly matches one of the woodmen's jackets. The check will be the binding and part of the backing plus it finally gave me a design nudge for the front. I'll play with EQ7 some and then I think it's time to cut into the fabric I've been collecting! Woohoo!!!

And now it's your turn - how has the weather been in your neck of the woods?

Monday, July 24, 2017

The numbers

Maybe you figured out that I was on vacation last week?! I did have the security system set.
No pictures today. I'll just give you the numbers :)

I spent 10 days in the Adirondack Mountains.
I drove 867 miles.
It rained 1 day, instead of the 8 or 9 that were predicted.
1 bear visited my campsite at 1:30 in the morning.

I went on 10 hikes, including 3 mountains (Pillsbury, Castle Rock, Snowy).
Snowy is the highest mountain in the southern ADK and taller than 2 of the "46 High Peaks"
I completed the Indian lake 4-3-2-1 Hiking Challenge.
I am only the 36th person to finish this challenge since it started a year ago!!!

Fitbit says I took 230,744 steps, climbed 500 floors and was active for 31 hours.
I hiked a total of 90 miles!!
On 2 days I hit my personal best of 40,000 steps and 15 miles!

I attended 1 bluegrass concert on the library lawn.

I visited 1 quilt store - we won't mention the dollar amount spent!
I bought 2 pair of silly socks.
I bought 2 Christmas gifts.

I had ice cream for lunch 3 times. (As someone I met said - "It's fun being an adult")

I stitched 15 hexie rosettes - 13 for my pieced hexie project and 2 for the temperature quilt.

I finished 13 books, while 3 more (iPhone, car and paper) are still in progress.

And I did all this on 1 very badly twisted ankle...

It was divine!!!!!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Feline Friday - 7/21/17